Ajax Radio Hong Kong sixties transistor

Radios still in their boxes probably don’t survive in huge numbers, and in truth the red plastic and chrome Ajax Diplomat transistor didn’t need the box to sell itself to me, but was an obvious bonus. Hard to be precise about the manufacturing date, the radio styling itself says ‘sixties’ but the outer box shown here could possibly be early seventies. The box illustration is very typical of a lot of Hong Kong packaging, drawn by Chinese workers who weren’t overly familiar with the subject matter. Impossible to know what reference material they had to work from either. I like the little detail of the drum skin with “The Pop’ on it. The box sides make use of the process colours with blocks of magenta, cyan and yellow.
The ‘Leatherette casing’ is a bit of a misnomer; the case turns out the be the actual radio, which seems to be a sealed unit with no way toy get inside at all beyond changing the battery.  Amazingly it still works.

Ajax Radio Hong Kong sixties transistor


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