Easy On The Eye have a strong collection of over 1,000 informal photographs taken on the streets of British towns and resorts from the 1920s to the 1950s. The five pages here show examples. These images were taken by photographers of people walking along the pavement, in the hopes that the subjects would visit a kiosk later the same day to view the prints and buy a souvenir to take away. We have examples from many coastal resorts – Bridlington, Skegness, Margate, Blackpool, Scarborough, etc. – as well as some inland towns and cities. There are all types of people shown in these pictures, individuals, couples young and old, children, grandparents and family groups. If you have any specific requests do get in touch as we may be able to help.
All images are scanned in colour to bring out the nuances of the vintage sepia prints. Most editors prefer to have the original unrestored scan but if required, Easy On The Eye can undertake specific digital work to improve, retouch or alter the image.
Images from this archive have featured in Best Of British magazine, Family Tree magazine, and others. Click on the image to move to the next page.


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