Mark Sooper Snooper

Launched in 1963 (and advertised on American TV in 1964), the Sooper Snooper was must have toy for many children at the time, and great when playing out and about (for war games there was a version sold later with a stencilled camouflage pattern on it.)
Marx were an American toy firm but had a British factory where their toys were manufactured under license in new packaging.  So while the Sooper Snooper sold in America just strapped to a backing card, in the UK they did their own proper box lid (the box itself was dull brown cardboard).  This has several illustrations on the side, showing how to operate the levers. You would certainly think 1950s for the artwork, which is a very I-Spy books era illustration, but the lettering is more sixties (while the US backing card was a lot more up to date visually).
The Sooper Snooper was basically a plastic periscope with three mirrors, two of which were ingeniously hinged, allowing (via levers and a pulley) not just forward viewing, but also side to side and even “behind you”! In 1966 Marx sold a red version tied into the Football world cup that year, so you could see over the crowds on the terrace…

Mark Sooper Snooper.Mark Sooper SnooperMark Sooper Snooper


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