Birds Instant Whip raspberry flavour vintage box

Bird’s Instant Whip vanished from the grocery shelves around 2004. The brand (Birds having disappeared long ago) had been sold to Kraft so maybe they felt it competed directly with the ickier Angel Delight (there might even have been a conflict with the long-established Instant Whip company in America who still sell that squirty cream stuff). In any case it had long forsaken boxes for foil sachets. The dessert first arrived around 1955 (see the advert at the bottom of the page) in quite spartan packages but this is one of the sixties boxes. A product of the Bird’s company (whose vintage three birds logo still looks good on the front), they had decided to incorporate the bright colours from their custard powder packs (and probably the pre-cooked starch base as well) and then added a bit of bounced type for the modern look. Easy to prepare (‘one minute to make’ claimed the packet, which ignored the fact that you had to leave it to set for five minutes – eternity as a child) it proved very popular with time-pressed mums. We got through loads of it as kids, especially the chocolate one, and debates about favourite flavours still litter web forums (Strawberry and Vanilla arrived first). The boxes, which had how-to-make instructions on the back, were fairly relaxed about the ingredients, this being the days before strict content descriptions. About the only real food here was the raspberry on top of the realistic glass serving dish illustration.

Birds Instant Whip raspberry flavour vintage box

1955 Birds Instant Whip advert


21 thoughts on “Instant Whip

    • No, it disappeared from the shelves about ten years ago. I do have a couple of unopened packets somewhere, but not sure what they would taste like now!

  1. I was able to buy these flavors last year at Tesco in Hertford and
    Cheshunt In 2014 but sadly no longer.

  2. That’s interesting; I wonder if the brand owners relaunched and test marketed the product but just in Tesco? It often happens that some products are sold only via one supermarket when this is done. When they relaunched Spangles some years ago, you could only get them in Woolworths. I’ll try and find out…

  3. Instant whip, brilliant stuff. You can get it still believe me made by Moirs in South Africa (Pioneer foods) called Desert! I get in in Kenya so all is good then. 450ml of milk, bung in the stuff, buzz it around, fridge then eat the lot when nobody looking, admit to nothing! My grandfather had a pet Jackdaw, it loved banana Instant Whip!

    • Have you a photo of the Jackdaw?! Curiously our local Sainsbury has just introduced a product called Whippy, which seems to be very similar to Instant Whip. I almost cracked but checking the chemical experiment list on the back which passed for ingredients rather put me off!

    • I can’t find it, are you sure you haven’t spotted a supermarket generic imitation? There are some dessert ‘whips’ out there, but they are not the same.

  4. Loved butterscotch instant whlp. My mam used to make it for us. She even put it in our New Year trifle instead of custard..Angel delight a poor substitute

  5. Just ordered Moirs chocolate pudding from amazon.co.uk fingers crossed it the same stuff! I have missed birds choc instant whip for years! Thanks for the help!

  6. Our favourite flavour was the mint Instant Whip. It was around just long enough for us to get hooked on it, and then it vanished! My kid sister and I were very miffed about that! Mint seems to be the flavour that no one else remembers.

  7. Instant whip was the best. My Grandma used to make it for us grandchildren and butterscotch was our favourite. My grandchildren would love it.

  8. My Gran made us instant whip and we loved the butterscotch. Angel delight not nearly the same, oh for those childhood days of butterscotch instant whip!

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