I Spy The Land News Chronicle

This title looks in detail at the earth’s geology, and is quite a wide ranging book which I could imagine being something of a challenge for children. It’ll be very familiar territory for anyone who did geography at school though, and many of the illustrations took me back to field trips looking at ways the landscape had been formed. And given the timeless nature of the subject, it’s a book which could quite readily be spotted up today. It’s only when we come to the pages on mining that anything much has dated (and you do wonder at children roaming round trying to spot slate quarries and pits!). The opening image of coastal erosion is one which remains all too much in the news these days as well. “Tell me here the best example of it you have seen” asks Big Chief I-Spy!
The title made it to the second update but was dropped with the 1963 series change about.

[1]  News Chronicle. 1958
[2]  Daily Mail / Dickens Press – News Chronicle removed from cover. 1962 [?]


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