Tony TS McPhee with The Groundhogs Live

Tony TS McPhee with The Groundhogs, photographed on stage at the Sheffield City Hall. One of Britain’s foremost rock (and blues) guitarists, although perhaps overlooked these days The Groundhogs enjoyed chart success with several of their albums which remains classics to this day. We have images of McPhee and the group from several concerts in the 70s and 80s.


7 thoughts on “Tony McPhee & The Groundhogs

  1. I think this was taken on 30th Nov 1973, during the band’s ‘Soldier’ tour. The effects unit behind TS is the EMS Hi-Fli, which he was using for the first time at these gigs. All details of line-ups, equipment, gigs, etc, are included in my book about Tony McPhee – ‘Eccentric Man: A Biography & Discography of Tony (TS) McPhee’.

    • Hello Paul, nice to hear from you – I still have my signed copy of your first Groundhogs book from a couple of decades ago! I will have the exact date for the photo with the negs (and probably my ticket as well), but do remember an ear splitting version of Soldier.

    • I’ll look out for it! You’ve done better than me, my last two lengthy commissioned articles for Record Collector remain unpublished (and unpaid for) two years on…

  2. RC sat on my commissioned article for over 10 months, and then the editor sent me an email saying that it was going in the next issue. However, they neglected to mention my book (as agreed) in the piece. The editor says he gets over 200 e-mails per day!

  3. Hi Peter – You can get a copy directly from me. It’s £16.50 (inc p&p) with cheques payable to Paul Freestone at Circus Workshops, 38 Cowley Rd, Oxford OX4 1HZ.
    Or online payment details from me at paul@paulfreestone.co.uk

    Thanks – Paul

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