I-Spy The Unusual

A really odd-ball assortment of 84 things to see and spot, many obscure even at the time. Perhaps Big Chief I-Spy recognised the difficulty of the task as he awarded an Order of Merit for just 750 points, well below most other titles. “Have you seen a coracle, a notice which says ‘Caution peacocks’, or a telephone kiosk with a thatched roof? They are all high-scoring rarities,” he advised.  Today a lot of the unusual sights in the book would be impossible to find outside a museum, and even then there can’t be many postboxes with lamp-posts attached to the top remaining (it’s tempting to think he made this one up!). And I’ve been to Knutsford often enough to know there are no road signs in furlongs left in the town.
One of the stranger titles, the book was dropped after the News Chronicle change-over so is a harder one to find. Which seems appropriate.

[1]  News Chronicle – cover in colour. 195-


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