People In Uniform
I Spy People In Uniforms News Chronicle
Another title firmly rooted in the fifties. Although a lot of the jobs in the book remain, the clothes have often changed considerably.  Not an easy one to fill in either, unless you were clever enough to watch a local parade of some sort.  The book leads in on familiar ground to a lot of children, with scout and guide uniforms, before moving on to areas like church charities.  One or two uniforms would only be available to people living in London which seems a bit unfair. Still as Big Chief says, it would be a red-letter day if you see any of them.

[1]  News Chronicle. 1955
[2]  Daily Mail / Dickens Press – News Chronicle removed from cover. 1961 [?]

The title lasted the change over from News Chronicle and is listed in 1962. In 1963 the book was completely revamped as:

I Spy People
This title replaced the original and the word Uniform was dropped, although there were still a number of uniforms inside to spot. “There are over 52 million people in this country. And no two are exactly alike!” Happily Big Chief I-Spy didn’t expect his Redskins to try and spot them all (and the pedants amongst them might have mentioned twins are alike). Instead a selection of different trades formed the main content, alongside such point scorers as ‘Man with a beard’ and a page of people from other lands.  Another new illustrator (uncredited) with a distinctive sixties style was used for the book, and a bit of an update for the cover design as well.

[1]  Dickens Press – 1963


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